Micro Galaxy RAINBOW

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Micro Galaxy RAINBOW
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  • NP457810
Product details Balloon Ø28cm Frame durable fiberglass poles Fabric ripstop... mehr
Produktinformationen "Micro Galaxy RAINBOW"

Product details

Framedurable fiberglass poles
Fabric ripstop polyester fabric and PET / glossy reflecting foil
Characteristics UV-resistant and weatherproof
Equipmentslide bearing and snap hook
Designed by Wolfgang Grimsel, Germany

Product description

A real unusual eye-catcher is the Micro Galaxy Rainbow from the Galaxy windgame line. The Micro Galaxy Rainbow reminds a little bit in a star from the all. The construction consists of two inclined, diagonally offset from each other arched lines. The Micro Galaxy extremely weatherproof and turns already with almost no wind. The suitable clip to hanging is in the delivery.

Durchmesser: Ø28cm
Material: Fiberglasgestänge / Polyestertuch & PET
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